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Domestic plate: Collyweston

Inventory of plate in the cellar, spicery, pantry, ewery [office of the ewerer] and scullery at Colyweston. It begins with:
"first ii greate pottes gilet graven full of porternalions and margarettes with the kings armes inaelde above the two lidis bother ponderying [weighing] ccccxxviij unc. at iij s viij d. le unce

The goods are listed under the headings:

  • cellar (pp.2-13)
  • spicery (p.14)
  • pantry (pp.15-18)
  • ewery (pp.19-24)
  • scullery (pp. 25-30)

Beaufort, Margaret, Countess of Richmond and Derby

Henry Hornby's goods

Inventory of goods & clothes belonging to Henry Hornby, Dean of the Lady Margaret's chapel. The volumes lists the following items:

  • pp.1-2: gownes lyned
  • p.3: riding gownes and cloke, doublette, jaquets lyned.
  • p.4: jaquets furred, petticotts, hose
  • p.5 beces of wollen
  • pp.7-8: beding and other necessary things
  • p.9: superpellice [surplice]
  • p.11: in tharmory chamber [in the armory chamber?]
  • p.12: basons, candlesticks and other thyngs
  • p.13: sadells and harnesses

Hornby [Horneby], Henry

Yeoman of the Wardrobe: R Hilton

Goods delivered to Robert Hilton, yeoman of the wardrobe for Lady Margaret. The first page of the volume contains the following entry: "This boke made the xxi day of August xvth yere of the reyn of King Henry the VIIth at Coleweston witnesseth that theises parcelles folowyng of the stuf and guds of the Right high and might princesse Margarete Moder unto our said soverayne lord and Countesse of Richemonde and Derby be put and delivered to Robert Hilton yoman of hir wardrobe by him to be surely kept as here aftre appereth.

The items are listed under the headings:

  • gownes (pp.3-4)
  • kirtles (p.6)
  • manteles (p.7)
  • furres (pp.9-10)
  • all maner of silks (p. 17)
  • broken gownes with other stuf (p.24)
  • remanents of peces of clothes (p.31)
  • frice and cotton (p.36)

Individual items are also listed:

  • item: iii grete standarts boudne with iron
  • item: a pyle of cloth for the presse with ii curtyns
  • item: a canvas for the presse

Hilton, Robert