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Room Lists

Lists of rooms giving rents, occupants, and names of bed-makers [bedders]. Bedders are only identified until 1958. The list for 1890-1899 is prefaced by a list of bed-makers [bedders] working in the College. Also includes list of 'First Year Rooms' in the Cripps Building for 2002-2005. The series is incomplete.

Room Rents: papers & reports

Papers concerning room rents: SJC rooms by courts & tutors, showing rents, bedmakers (bedders); by staircases showing tenants (1860); a printed account for chapel court and letter about its rents by the Bursar to the Master (1889); vacant rooms, reports by tutors and senior bursar (1898); and a report by the Tutorial Bursar on room charges and the furnishing fund (1919).