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Team Photograph

J. F. Mills, H. E. E. White, G. W. Sears, J. L. A. Elgood, I. T. Davies, J. B. Marriott, A. H. Campbell, N. M. Baldwin, P. F. Smith, V. S. Lowden, P. R. L. Bennett, A. M. Whittington, H. C. Middleton, A. K. Pimlott, R. W. H. Boyns, W. R. Slater.

'The English Mind'

First published 1964. This subseries contains a memorandum of agreement and correspondence. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.


Memorandum of agreement between George Watson and Cambridge University Press, for 'Joseph Butler', Watson's chapter contribution to the volume (which he edited with Hugh Sykes Davies).




BEER, John
BRETT, Raymond L

DAVIE, Donald

EMPSON, William

HODGART, Matthew
HOUGH, Graham


LEWIS, Clive Staples



RATHMELL, John Christopher Abbott




Envelope labelled '"The English Mind" (CUP, 1964)'

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

Autograph letter signed to J.C. Adams

Plans to write R.A.S. an account of English discovery of new planet (Neptune). Requests permission to publish J.C.A.'s correspondence to him. Addressed to "Rev.W.J. Adams".

Airy, Sir George Biddell (1801-1892) Knight, astronomer

Papers of Charles Taylor

  • TaylorC
  • Fonds
  • 1861–1909

Catalogue of Taylor's books, lecture notebooks, passports,some invitation cards and menus, a notebook recording invitations given and received throughout Taylor's time as Master, letters, annotated copies of his works, College bills. Appointment diaries from the Master's Lodge 1887-1908, plus Mrs Taylor's diaries for 1907-08.

Taylor, Charles (1840-1908) Hebrew scholar and Master of St John's College, Cambridge


This subseries contains thirty-five photographs, mostly unlabelled and undated and grouped by the cataloguer as below.



Thirteen black-and-white portrait photographs of George Watson, some of them duplicates



One photograph of a lecture
Six holiday/travel photographs
Three poor printouts of a digital photograph taken in Watson’s rooms in St John’s



Ten photographs (identified companions: Peter Beal, Patricia Coales, Francisca Cruz Rosa Fiorentino, David Hickey, Hilton Kelliher, Emma Manas, Steve May)



Two photographs from Australia, presumably of members of George Watson’s family there. One, signed by and featuring ‘M.L.W.’, was taken in Milton Park, Bowral, New South Wales on 10 October 1971; the other, taken at ‘the St Bart’s do to open the hostel for frail aged men’, and mentioning James Henry Richard Watson in its reverse inscription, was taken on 19 March 1995, and features ‘Ro’, ‘Fi’, ‘Jane’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Ann’ and ‘Mary’.

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

Death notices, funeral services and obituaries

This subseries collects, alphabetically by surname of the deceased, death notices, funeral service booklets and obituaries of various people. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.


ADAMS, Douglas Noël
ADRIAN, Richard Hume

BARRÈRE, Jean-Bertrand Marie
BENNETT, Jack Arthur Walter
BROGAN, Denis William

COWLING, Maurice John
CRAWLEY, Charles William
CROOK, John Anthony

DAVIES, Hugh Sykes
DUNCAN-JONES, Elsie Elizabeth

ELVIN, Lionel

FORSTER, Leonard

GALLAGHER, John Andrew
GOODWIN, Richard Murphey

HOUGH, Graham

JEWELL, Peter Arundel
JOHN, Otto
JONES, Trevor David

KALDOR, Nicholas
KEYNES, John Maynard
KITSON CLARK, George Sidney Roberts
KNIGHTS, Lionel Charles
KNOWLES, Michael David

LASKY, Melvin Jonah
LASLETT, Thomas Peter Ruffell
LEE, Arthur Guy
LEWY, Casimir

MacKINNON, Donald MacKenzie
MANSERGH, Philip Nicholas Seton
MEADE, James Edward
MORGAN, Margaret Ruth

NICHOLAS, Tressilian Charles

OWEN, Gwilym Ellis Lane

PIGOU, Arthur Cecil
PINTER, Harold
POLACK, Kenneth
POSTAN, Michael Moïssey

ROBINSON, Edward Austin Gossage
ROBINSON, Joan Violet
ROBSON, Robert

SALTER, Elizabeth
SHILS, Edward A
STERN, Joseph Peter Maria
STONE, John Richard Nicholas
STOREY, Graham

WELSFORD, Enid Elder Hancock
WILLIAMS, Bernard Arthur Owen

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

Lunches and dinners

This subseries collects, in approximately chronological order, invitations, menus and seating plans for meals presumably attended by George Watson. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.


Prime Minister’s Dinner (Singapore), 13 December 1969

Centenary Dinner (Rutherford College), 30 October 1971

St Catherine’s Day dinner (Balliol College, Oxford), 25 November 1972

Cosin Feast (Peterhouse, Cambridge), 2 November 1973

Dinner on the Retirement of Hugh Sykes Davies and Robin Orr (St John’s), 27 September 1976
Dinner for Richard Beadle & Celia Wright and David & Mangala Frost (St John’s), 26 November 1976

Dinner for Professor Gertrude Himmelfarb (The Master's Lodge, Christ's College, Cambridge), 25 February [1981?]

Reception on the retirement of Frank Kermode (Queens’ College, Cambridge), 29 September 1982
Princess Cruises dinner (‘Sun Princess’), 22 December 1982

Luncheon on the Conferment of Honorary Degrees, 9 June 1983
The English Association Luncheon (St Ermin’s Hotel, London), 18 June 1983

Twenty-Eighth Annual Dinner of the British Academy (The Middle Temple, London), 12 July 1984

Buffet lunch commemorating the 450th anniversary of the death of Bishop John Fisher (St John’s), 8 June 1985

Dinner for Peter and Sheila Stern (St John’s), 17 May 1986
Adam Smith Institute reception (London), 18 September 1986

Birthday lunch for Richard Duncan-Jones (Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge?), c 14 September [1987?]

Lunch (Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge), 2 July 1988
St Catherine’s Day dinner (Balliol College, Oxford), 25 November 1988

C.S. Lewis Dinner (Magdalene College, Cambridge), 27 November 1998

Luncheon to celebrate the 90th birthday of Dr Frank Smithies (St John’s), 10 March 2002

Luncheon to celebrate the 90th birthdays of Dr George Clifford Evans and Sir Maurice Wilkes (St John’s), 4 July 2003
Audit Dinner (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge), 6 December 2003

Reception to mark the opening of the exhibition ‘Living at This Hour: John Milton 1608-2008’ (Cambridge University Library), 14 January 2008

Lunch (St John’s), 12 March 2011

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

Lectures, events and publications

This subseries collects, in approximate chronological order, invitations, flyers, programmes et cetera for various lectures, events and publications. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.


Oxford University Liberal Club term card, Michaelmas 1946

Oxford University Liberal Club term card, Hilary Term 1947

Travellers cheque, 13 April 1951

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (Victoria University, Toronto) leaflet, circa 1964

Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis, ‘Thomas Gray, 1716-1771’, 7 May 1971

‘Current Research in French Studies’, circa 1972
‘The Harrowing of Hell’, 2 March 1972
Paul Turner, ed., ‘Browning: Men and Women 1855’, 27 July 1972
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, ‘The Rivals’, dir. Sue Limb and Roy Porter, 31 October-4 November 1972

‘Frankenstein’ adapted by Alexeij Sagerer, circa 14 February 1973
Robert Halsband, ‘Lord Hervey: Eighteenth-Century Courtier’, 24 October 1973
Roger Lonsdale, ‘The Poetry of Thomas Gray: Versions of the Self’, 21 February 1973
Arthur Johnston, ‘The Poetry of William Collins’, 21 November 1973

‘Lord Byron: 22 January 1978-19 April 1824’ catalogue, circa 1974
Robert Ellrodt, ‘Self-Consciousness in Montaigne and Shakespeare’, 5 September 1974
Stephen Heath, ‘The Sociality of Writing’, 5 November 1974
Seamus Heaney, ‘The Fire in the Flint: Reflections on the Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins’, 11 December 1974

R.L. Brett, ed., ‘Writers and Their Background’, circa 1975
J.A.W. Bennett, ‘From Casaubon to Mr Casaubon: The Rise and Fall of the Renaissance Scholar’, 5 March 1975

John Heath-Stubbs, ‘Artorius’, 28 May 1976
Tom Stoppard, ‘Jumpers’, circa 21 September 1976
Donald Davie, ‘The Literature of Dissent, 1700-1930’, 27 October-1 December 1976
Kathleen Raine, ‘Waste Land, Holy Land’, 8 December 1976
Christopher Wood, ‘Victorian Panorama: Paintings of Victorian Life’, 1976

‘The Harrowing of Hell’, 27 February 1977
Robert Halsband and Isobel Grundy, eds, ‘Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Essays and Poems’, 10 March 1977
John Casey, ‘T.S. Eliot’, 19 May 1977

Claire Tomalin, ‘Katherine Mansfield and “The New Age”’, 25 February 1978

C.S. Lewis Estate, ‘Song of the Lion’, 15 January 1980
Helen Gardner, ‘Happy Endings’, 11 November 1980
Robert Halsband, ‘”The Rape of the Lock” and Its Illustrations’, 24 July 1980

J.A.W. Bennett Memorial Lectures, 17 February-7 April 1981
Geoffrey Keynes, ‘The Gates of Memory’, 22 October 1981

J.B. Yeats, ‘Letters to His Son W.B. Yeats and Others 1869-1922’, ed. Joseph Hone, 31 May 1983
30th anniversary of ‘Encounter’, 18 October 1983
J.K Galbraith, Roy Jenkins and Richard Wainwright, John Maynard Keynes Centenary Meeting, 1 December 1983

Readings in memory of William Empson, 25 May 1984
‘Critical Quarterly’ anniversary celebration, 30 May 1984
Endellion String Quartet recital for Robin Orr’s 75th birthday. 1 November 1984
William Holding, ‘Nobel Lecture’ publication, 1984

‘Cecil Beaton and Friends’ 28 May 1985
‘Renaissance Studies in Honor of Craig Hugh Smyth’, 23 July 1985

Frank Kermode, ‘The Uses of Error’, 11 May 1986
'An Evening with Samuel Pepys' at Magdalene College, Cambridge, 1 October 1986

Opening of the Fisher Building, St John's, 16 June 1988
‘English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700’, September 1988
John Stevens, ‘Music & Poetry from the Trouvères to Purcell’, 6 November 1988

‘Cambridge English’ lectures, 23 January-6 March 1989
‘Forms and Attention: The Work of Frank Kermode’, 18-19 March 1989
T.S. Eliot Memorial Lecture drinks reception and supper, 6 November 1989

Introductory readings of ‘The Duino Elegies’, 17 January-7 March 1991
Party in honour of Douglas Adams on the presentation of his third Golden Pan Award and the publication of ‘Last Chance to See’, 25 November 1991

John Stuart Mill Institute introductory text, circa 1992

John Beer, ‘Against Finality’, 4 February 1993
Bernard Williams, ‘Three Models of Truthfulness’, 5-7 May 1993
Colin Tite, ‘The Manuscript Library of Sir Robert Cotton’ (24 November 1993)

Germaine Greer, J.H. Gray Lectures, 9-13 May 1994

Lord Acton Centenary Celebration Activities, 16 March 1995

Tiepolo exhibition, 5 July 1996-12 January 1997
Joseph Epstein, ‘Anglophilia, American Style’, 24 March 1997

Mervyn King, ‘The New Monetary Policy Committee’, 16 November 1998
C.S. Lewis centenary readings, 24 November 1998

NiL Éditions catalogue général 1999
R.D. Gray and N. Boyle, ‘An Evening with Goethe & Eckermann’, 10 March 1999

L'Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ALEPS, 14 March 2000
Jonathan Smith, ‘The Learning Game’, 6 April 2000

John Barton, Faculty of Classics Corbett Lecture, 17-18 November 2002

‘The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars for Queer Research 2003’ call for papers, 2003
Election of the Chancellor of the University of Oxford, 14-15 March 2003

Itinerary for George Watson’s visit to Loretto Senior School, Musselburgh, 17-19 May 2004

Noah Charney, ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’, 10-14 May 2005
Hugh Trevor-Roper centenary celebration, 11 January 2014

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

College and Faculty matters

This subseries collects documents pertaining to George Watson's role as a Fellow of St John's and a lecturer and examiner in the Cambridge English Faculty. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.



Heffers bookmark
Rickards ‘Welcome to Great Britain’ brochure, with an image of the Bridge of Sighs, 1970



MHRA Style Book flyers
University Microfilms International booklet about dissertation research



John Holloway, ‘Chairman’s Report’, November 1971, plus response from Leo Salingar
Hugh Sykes Davies, ‘Working Party on University and College Teaching in English’, 23 February 1983



Letter from Francis Puryer White to Reinhold Regensburger, 20 July 1942
Note apologising for Hugh Sykes Davies’s unavailability to students, 14 January (1964/1969/1975)
Council minutes, 11 January 1979
‘List of Noted Johnians’, June 1982
Malcolm Underwood, ‘Some Historical Notes for the Three Thousandth Meeting of the College Council’, 11 November 1991
College Calendar, 2012-2013



John Renford Bambrough’s curriculum vitae
Photograph of Herbert Butterfield
Hugh Sykes Davies, ‘The Scales of Disaster: Elegy for an endangered species’
Robert Aubrey Hinde’s curriculum vitae
Research material on Philip Kermode, whom Watson suspected to be a relative of Frank Kermode
Richard Luckett's curriculum vitae
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry on Hugh Trevor-Roper



BAGCHI, J, ‘Walter Pater’s Criticism and Its Contemporary Relations’ (doctoral dissertation)

DALE, Peter A, ‘Poetics & Historical Thought in England 1830-80: Carlyle, Arnold & Pater’ (doctoral dissertation), 21 October 1974

GUTTERIDGE, J D, application for Junior Research Fellowship at Churchill College, Cambridge, 10 May 1975

HERTZ, A L, ‘“Macmillan’s Magazine” under David Masson 1859-67’ (doctoral dissertation), circa April 1982
HOLLOWAY, John, application for Litt.D. degree, 1969

KEARNEY, C J, ‘The Writings of B.R. Haydon’ (doctoral dissertation)

LARSEN, Kenneth J, 'The Religious Sources of Crashaw's Poetry' (doctoral dissertation; reports by Muriel Bradbrook and Elsie Duncan-Jones)

O’SULLIVAN, K P D M, ‘The Rise of the Irish Novel’ (doctoral dissertation), 15 March 1969

PAGE, A, ‘Coleridge’s Philosophy of Language’ (doctoral dissertation), August 1981
PHILLIPS, C L, ‘A Critical Study of Robert Bridges’ “Testament of Beauty” and Its Relation to His Intellectual Development’ (doctoral dissertation), February 1983

SKILTON, D J, ‘Anthony Trollope and His Contemporary Critics’ (doctoral dissertation), 25 August 1969 and 6 March 1971 (resubmission)
SPENCE, G W, ‘John Stuart Mill on Sociology and the Art of Life’ (doctoral dissertation), 1968

THOMAS, William David Aitken, ‘A Variorum Edition of the Poetry of Robert Graves’ (research proposal), circa 1975

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

Writing by others

This series arranges offprints, copies and cuttings of articles by writers other than Watson, many of them inscribed to him. Note that when an offprint was accompanied by a letter, it is not to be found here but in one of the correspondence-based series; further cuttings and copies by other writers can be found in Watson/5/30. Items will ultimately be catalogued individually; for now, a list follows.


ANNAN, Noel: ‘Arnold the Critic’ (‘The Periodical’)
ANONYMOUS: ‘Two Prophets’ (‘Manas’)

BATESON, F W: ‘Modern Bibliography and the Literary Artifact’ (‘English Studies Today’)
BATTESTIN, Martin C: ‘Pictures of Fielding’ (‘Eighteenth-century Studies’)
BAYLY, Christopher A: ‘Moral judgment: empire, nation and history’ (‘European Review’)
BEER, John: Review of Frank Kermode’s ‘Not Entitled: A Memoir’ (‘The Cambridge Review’)
BELL, Quentin: ‘Bloomsbury and “the Vulgar Passions”’ (‘Critical Inquiry’)
BOUCÉ, Paul-Gabriel: ‘Les deux premières traductions françaises des “Gulliver’s Travels”’ (‘La traduction romaesque au XVIIIe siecle’)
BOYDE, Patrick: ‘“Ecfrasi ed ecceitá” in Leopardi’s “Canti”’ (‘Italian Studies’)
BRACHER, Karl Dietrich: ‘Terrorismus and Totalitarismus’ (‘Geschichte und Staat’)
BRADBROOK, M C: 'T.S. Eliot' (supplement to 'British Book News')
BRAITHWAITE, R B: ‘Austin Duncan Jones’ Philosophical Writings’ (‘Analysis’)
BROGAN, Hugh: ‘A History of the “New Statesman”’, review of Edward Hyams (‘The Historical Journal’)
BROGAN, Hugh: ‘Alexis de Tocqueville and the Liberal Movement’ (‘The Historical Journal’)
BUTTLE, Nicholas: ‘Negative and Positive Liberty Revisited’ (‘Politics’)

CAMPBELL, Colin: ‘The Tyranny of the Yale Critics’ (‘The New York Times Magazine’)
CANNADINE, David: ‘Another “Last Victorian”: P.G. Wodehouse and His World’ (‘The South Atlantic Quarterly’)
COLVIN, Christina Edgeworth: ‘Maria Edgeworth’s Tours in Ireland: II. Killarney’ (‘Studia Neophilologica’)
COLVIN, Christina Edgeworth: ‘Maria Edgeworth’s Tours in Ireland: III. Connaught’ (‘Studia Neophilologica’)
COOPER, Helen: ‘Magic that Does Not Work’ (‘Medievalia et Humanistica’)

DAY, Robert A: ‘The “City Man” in “The Waste Land”’ (‘Papers of the Modern Language Association of America’)
DEITZ, Luc: Review of Iulius Caesar Scaliger’s ‘Poetices libri septem’ (‘Wolfenbütteler Renaissance-Mitteilungen’)
DUNCAN-JONES, Elsie: ‘Milton and the Tutbury horses: a topical allusion’
DUNCAN-JONES, Elsie: ‘Dryden, Benserade, and Marvell’ (‘The Huntingdon Library Quarterly’)

EDDY, Donald D: ‘John Brown: “The Columbus of Keswick”’ (‘The Journal of Modern Philology’)

FORSTER, Leonard & Jeanne: review of Pepys's 'Tagebuch aus dem London des 17. Jahrhunderts', ed. by Helmut Winter ('Archiv')
FOSTER, Kenelm: ‘Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873)’ (‘Italian Quarterly’)
FROST, David L: ‘Shakespeare in the Seventeenth Century’ (‘Shakespeare Quarterly’)
FROST, David L: ‘“The Windhover”: A Commentary’ (‘Theology’)

GILMOUR, Robin: ‘The Gradgrind School: Political Economy in the Classroom’ (‘Victorian Studies’)
GREENWAY, John: ‘A Guide through James Joyce’s “Ulysses”’ (‘College English’)
HARRISON, Bernard: ‘Virginia Woolf and “The True Reality”’
HOLLOWAY, John: ‘Cambridge and English at Cambridge’
HOLLOWAY, John: ‘Poetic Analysis and the Idea of the Transformation-rule: Some Examples from Herbert, Wordsworth, Pope and Shakespeare’ (‘Miscellanea Anglo-Americana: Festschrift für Helmut Viebrock’)
HOUGH, Graham: ‘Vision and Doctrine in “Four Quartets”’ (‘Critical Quarterly’)

JAMES, E D: Review of W G Moore’s ‘La Rochefoucauld: His Mind and Art’
KERMODE, Frank: ‘Two Instances of Interpretation’
KERMODE, Frank: ‘The Uses of Error’
KERMODE, Frank: ‘Literary Criticism: Old and New Styles’ (‘Essays in Criticism’)
KERMODE, Frank: A portion of ‘Not Entitled: A Memoir’
‘John Maynard Keynes: “New Wisdom for a New Age”’
KNIGHTS, L C: ‘Cambridge Criticism: What Was It?’
KRISTOL, Irving: ‘My Cold War’ (‘The National Interest’)
KUNA, Franz: ‘T.S. Eliot’s Dissociation of Sensibility and the Critics of Metaphysical Poetry’ (‘Essays in Criticism’)
KUNA, Franz: ‘Jakobson’s Theory of Language Functions and the Interpretation of Poetry’ (‘Language and Civilization: A Concerted Profusion of Essays and Studies in Honour of Otto Hietsch’)

LEE, Guy: ‘Allusion, Parody and Imitation’
LEIBHOLZ, Marianne: ‘Ein guter Begleiter’ (‘Begegnungen mit Dietrich Bonhoeffer’)
LEVIN, Bernard: ‘The Most Accurate Prediction in History: ‘The 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall’ (‘Quadrant’)
‘The Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal’ no. 2
‘The Canadian C.S. Lewis Journal’ no. 3

MacDONAGH, Oliver: ‘The Nineteenth Century Novel and Irish Social History: Some Aspects’
MATTHEW, H C G: ‘The Gladstone Diaries: Introduction to Volumes X and XI’
MERYMAN, Richard: ‘Great interviews of the 20th century: Marilyn Monroe’
MONOD, Sylvère: ‘“Hard Times”: An Undickensian Novel?’ (‘Cahiers D'études Et de Recherches Victoriennes Et Édouardiennes’)
MYLNE, Vivienne: Review of Georges May’s ‘Les Mille et Une Nuits d’Antoine Galland ou le chef-d’oeuvre invisible’ (‘Modern Language Review’)

NAGAO, Teruhiko, 'On Authorial Intention: E.D. Hirsch's "Validity in Interpretation" Revisited' ('北海道大學文學部紀要' = 'The Annual Reports on Cultural Science')

PECHEY, Graham: ‘“Frost at Midnight” and the Poetry of Periphrasis’(‘The Cambridge Quarterly’)

RICKS, Christopher: ‘William Empson: 1906-1984’ (‘The Proceedings of the British Academy’)
ROSE, Paul Lawrence: ‘The Noble Anti-Semitism of Richard Wagner’ (‘The Historical Journal’)

SCHMIDT, A V C: ‘Eliot and the Dialect of the Tribe’ (‘Essays in Criticism’)
SCHUCHARD, Ronald: ‘T.S. Eliot as Extension Lecturer, 1916-1919’ (‘The Review of English Studies’)
SCHUCHARD, Ronald: ‘T.S. Eliot as Extension Lecturer, 1916-1919 (Concluded)’ (‘The Review of English Studies’)
SCHUCHARD, Ronald: ‘“First-rate Blasphemy”: Baudelaire and the Revised Christian Idiom of T.S. Eliot’s Moral Criticism’ (‘English Literary History’)
SKINNER, Quentin: ‘The Origins of the Calvinist Theory of Revolution’ (‘After the Reformation’)
SPEARING, A C: ‘A Simple Value-System’, review of ‘Essays on Malory’edited by J A W Bennett (‘The Cambridge Review’)
STANWOOD, P G: ‘The Richard Hooker Manuscripts’ (‘Long Room’)
STEINHOFF, William: portion of chapter XV of ‘George Orwell and the Origins of “1984”’

TREVOR-ROPER, Hugh: ‘Home Thoughts: Hugh Trevor-Roper on the Peterhouse Effect’ (‘The Independent Magazine’)

WEINRICH, Harald: ‘Narrative Theology’ (‘Concilium: Theology in the Age of Renewal’)
WELLEK, René: ‘Coleridge’s Philosophy and Criticism (To 1956)’ (‘The English Romantic Poets: A Review of Research and Criticism’)
WELLEK, René: ‘The Fall of Literary History’ (‘Geschichte – Ereignis und Erzälung’)
WENDER, Dorothea: ‘Plain in Diction, Plain in Thought: Some Criteria for Evaluating Translations of the Iliad’ (‘American Journal of Philology’)
WESSELING, H L: ‘Editorial: changing views on Empire and Imperialism’ (‘European Review’)
WIDDOWSON, H G: ‘The Deviant Language of Poetry’

Watson, George Grimes (1927-2013) literary critic

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