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Jopson, Norman Brooke (1890-1969) philologist

  • GB 275 002057
  • Person
  • 1890-1969

Jopson came to St John's in 1909 to study for the Modern and Medieval Languages and Oriental Languages Triposes, graduating in 1912. After war service and work in the Foreign Office, he was appointed Comparative Reader at the School of Slavonic Studies, University of London, in 1923. During the Second World War, Jopson was head of the Department of Uncommon Languages. From 1937 to 1954 he was Professor of Comparative Philology at the University of Cambridge. He was a Fellow of St John's College from 1937 until his death in 1969.

Howard, Gabrielle Louise Caroline (1876-1930), plant scientist

  • GB 275 007501
  • Person
  • 1876-1930

She was born Gabrielle Louise Caroline Matthaei, one of three daughters of a German, French and Swiss family. Gabrielle studied Natural Sciences at Newnham College 1895-99 and became a Fellow. She married Albert Howard in 1905. In 1913 she was appointed second imperial botanist to the government of India. With her husband, she established the Institute of Plant Industry at Indore in 1924. Published nearly 150 papers and monographs on agricultural and botanical subjects, mostly in collaboration with Albert Howard.

Howard, Lady Louise Ernestine (1880-1969)

  • GB 275 007502
  • Person
  • 1880-1969

She was born Louise Ernestine Matthaei, one of three daughters of a German, French and Swiss family. She studied Classics at Newnham College 1900-5 and became a Fellow. She served as chief of the agricultural section of the International Labour Organization from 1924. Following her marriage to Albert Howard in 1931 she became an advocate of organic husbandry. After his death she co-founded the Albert Howard Foundation, which in 1953 merged with the Soil Association of which she became honorary life vice-president.

Howard, Sir Albert (1873-1947), agricultural botanist

  • GB 275 007500
  • Person
  • 1873-1947

Albert Howard was born at Bishops Castle, Shropshire in 1873 the son of a farmer. His experience of working on the family farm in his youth influenced his practical approach to agricultural science throughout his professional life. After gaining an associateship in chemistry at the Royal College of Science he took his BA in Natural Sciences at St John’s graduating with first class honours in 1899. From 1905 he was imperial economic botanist to the government of India, running the research station at Pusa until 1924 with his wife, Gabrielle Louise Caroline Matthaei. Together they established the Institute of Plant Industry at Indore in 1924, where their work on soil fertility led to the development of the Indore process of composting. Following Gabrielle’s death in 1930, Howard returned to the UK, marrying in 1931 his sister-in-law Louise Ernestine Matthaei, who supported his work as his first wife had. Howard was knighted in 1934. Throughout the 1930s Howard travelled worldwide advising agriculturalists in Africa, Asia and Europe on composting methods. Until his death in 1947 he wrote and spoke on organic cultivation. The foundation of the Soil Association ini 1946 was largely due to his influence.

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