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Lady Margaret Beaufort

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Lady Margaret Beaufort

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SJC Accounts: donations & Countess of Devonshire

Accounts of donations received (pp. 1-3) and for money assigned by Henry VIII from Katherine, Countess of Devonshire to Lady Margaret Beaufort's executors (pp 9-15). The last item listed on p.3 is for 6s. paid for a Greek vocabulary bought for the use of the College's library.

Also includes the account of Nicholas Metcalfe for money due to the estate of Lady Margaret.

Computus: W Bedell

Computus (account) of William Bedell, Treasurer of the Household of the Lady Margaret [Beaufort]. The accounts refer to Lady Margaret's houses in Croydon and Hatfield.

Bedell, William


The account of Miles Worsley, cofferer to Lady Margaret.

  • pp13-61: From 2 Feb 1501/2 to 14 Jan 1502/3 have signature 'Margaret R.' at bottom
  • pp 69-70: are blank
  • pp71-129: Similar account from 14 Jan 1502/3 to 14 Jan 1503/4 with signatures
  • pp134-140: Summary of accounts [?]
  • pp141-191: Similar account from 14 Jan 1503/4 to 14 Jan 1504/5
  • pp 191-192: Paid by Sir Roger Urmeston [Ormeston] since 20 Jan 1503/4
  • pp194-200: Summary of accounts [?]
  • pp201-218: blank


Accounts of Miles Worsley cofferer to Lady Margaret, for the household at Croydon & Hatfield.

  • pp. 1-80: Croydon. Account from 14 Jan 1504/5 to 14 Jan 1505/6
  • pp. 81-82: blank
  • pp. 83-163: Hatfield. Account from 14 Jan 1505/6 to 14 Jan 1506/7
  • pp. 166-172: blank


Account of Miles Worsley treasurer of the chamber to Lady Margaret. Signature 'Margaret R.' at the bottom of most pages.

  • pp.49: blank
  • pp. 65-67: similar accounts to 14 Jan 1507/8 to 14 Jan 1508/9 [no signature]
  • pp. 69-125: costs and expenses, rewards, with other dyverse [sic] payments... payd by the hands of Miles Worsley: signtures at the bottom of pp. 69-112.

Coldharbour, London

Account of Sir Roger Ormeston, knight, of expenses on behalf of Lady Margaret, mostly the repair and equipment of the house of Coldharbour, London and rewards for entertainments, these probably for the retinue of Catherine [Katherine] of Aragon.
*Signatures 'Margaret R.' at bottom of pp. 3 & 18.

Boston, Lincolnshire

Accounts of Sir Roger Ormeston for expenses on behalf of the Lady Margaret; includes a reference to the making of the sluice at Boston, Lincolsnhire; additionally includes a summary in fair hand of some material in the Ormeston's accounts for Coldharbour, London. p.2: Sum totall. of alle the payments aforesaid £911.19.5. And so the said Sir Roger owith [sic] to my ladys grace £25.8.1. pp.3-6: items bought, beginning - velvet of divers coloures and prises bought for my ladeys grace at divers tymes £141.7.6
*p.9: Memorandum payd by Roger Ormeston knight for divers neccessaries and implements to the steward [?] att Boston of my lady the Kings moder money.

Chamber Accounts

Account of the treasurer of the Lady Margaret's chamber, Robert Fremyngham, signed by John Fisher, Henry Hornby and Hugh Ashton. The accounts end on the day of Lady Margaret's death.

Book of deliverences

Book of receipts and deliverances [sic].

  • p. 2: receyts at diverse tymes from 1 Jan 1498/9
  • p. 26: money receyved the 7 day of February 1501/2 of Miles Worsley of his debet of his last accounts at Candlemas last past.
  • p. 31: receyte made by Dr Hugh Assheton and Mr Hugh Olden, 1502/3
  • pp. 35-37: Delyverance at diverses tymes by my lady from 14 January 1499/1500 - mostly payments to William Bedell, treasurer of my ladys household
  • pp. 38-40: Delyveraunces at certain tymes from 4 January 1499/1500 - payments to Miles Worsley
  • pp.46-48: Delyveraunces at diverse tymes from 14 January 1500/1 to Miles Worsley
  • pp. 50-52: Money delyvered to the Tresorer for the expenses of her household from 7 February 1501/2 to 17 January 1502/3
  • p.53: ...delyvered by the hands of Mr Chauncelor to John Dautre of Southampton 21 August
  • pp.55-58: Money delyvered to Myles Worsley from 7 February 1501/2 to 19 January 1502/3
  • pp.59-60: Money delyvered to William Bedell from 14 January 1502/3 to 12 January 1503/4
  • pp. 61-62: Notes of arrears. Memorandum of mony delyvered unto the foresaid Tresorer [William Bedell] by the hands of Myles Worsley whereoff the said Miles hath alowance in hys account among pryor payments.
  • pp.65-67: Money delyvered to Miles Worlsey from 19 January 1502/3 to 10 January 1503/4
  • pp69-71: Memorandum of money delyvered to William Bedell from 14 Jan 1503/4 to 11 Dec 1504
  • pp.75-78: Memorandum of money delyvered to Miles Worsley from 14 Jan 1503/4 to 21 Dec 1504
  • pp. 83-84: Receyts of mony from 17 Jan 1503/4 to 15 Jan 1504/5.
  • pp. 85-86: Receyts of mony to may lady Cofferes from 15 Jan 1505/5 to [Jan 1505/6]
  • p.87: Somme totall of all mony receyved of Hugh Assheton clerke within the tyme aforesaid £4102.3.7½
  • pp.91-93: Memorandum of mony delyvered unto the Tresour of household from 13 Jan 1504/5 to [12 Jan 1505/6] [Item paid by the hands of Nicholas Sanders]
  • pp.101-104: Memorandum of mony delyvered unto Myles Worsley from 13 Jan 1504/3 to [December 1505] [ - with other money received by Worsley]
  • pp. 107-109: Money delyvered to James Morise for the works from 2 March 1504/5. Includes: item delyvered to the said James [Morice] ... by the hands of Miles Worsley for the bildyng Cristes Colledge in Cambryge. .... Item delyvered a nother tyme... by the hands of Mr Chanceller and Mr Controller .. the foresaid reparations of Christs Colledge... to the hands of Mr Sykelyng [John Sycling, first Master of Christ's College]
  • pp.111-114: Receytes of mony from 15 Jan 1503/6 to [January 1506/7][Mostly from Hugh Ashton some by the hands of Miles Worsely. Other payments by Sir Henry Willoughby (money lent), John Turney (for the ward of Jane Godston), William Bedell, Treasurer of the Household, James Mores [Morice], clerk of works
  • pp.117-120: Mony delivered unto the tresourer of household from 13 Jan 1505/6 to Jan 1506/7; payments made by the hands of Nicholas Saunder
  • pp.123-125: Mony delivered unto Myles Worsley from 13 Jan 1505/6 [to Jan 1506/7]
  • pp. 126-129: “The iij day of October the first yer of Kinge Henry the viij [1509]. Memorandum than the money received of M Fotehede as appareth in the thred lefe folowinge ther remaineth the day afore written as appereth in lower ende of the said iijd lefe the parcellis as ensuing” [list of items, numbered 1-15; some have ‘Mettcalf’ in margin. – receipts from John Mundy, goldsmith London, in part payment for plate sold; mony found in the coffers in the custody of Maister Garth Fowler as apperith in con bagge sealed with the seale of Sir John Saynt John… Mony received from Sir Thomas Mawdyslay as well for plate as for other stuff of my lady by him sold. (p.127).
  • pp.130-131: Recyeytt of mony from 13 Jan 1506/7 to [December 1507] mostly from Hugh Ashton
  • pp.132-133: Memorandum received 12 July [1509] of John Fotehed, Master of Michael House in Cambridge, by my lorde of Rochester, Sir John Saint John and Henry Hornsby, with particulars of payments to the Abbot of Peturborough and John Fotehead, for my ladys use
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