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Christ's College, Cambridge

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Christ's College, Cambridge

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Christ's College, Cambridge

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Account: James Morice

Account of James Morice:
First for the bordyng [boarding] of Maistres [Mistress] Jan by the space of iij wek [weeks] and v dayes [days] at xvj d. the wek [week iiij s. xj d.
Item for th ebordyng [boarding] of M Elyner Massingham by the space of v wek [weeks] iiij daies [days] at vvj d. the wek [week] summa vij s. v d.
Item for the cost of ij men with ij horses by the space of ij daies [days] comyng [coming] and goyng [going] from Roydon to London for the breyng [bringing] the said M Elyner to my lord of Surret at xid the day ech [each] man and horse iiij s.
Item paid to Mayne the paynter [painter] in party [part] payment of vj li. xiij s. iiij d. for the making of ij tables of the pictur[e] of my ladies [lady's] grace lij s. iiij d.
Item in reward to the said James [Morice] towards his bothier [boat hire] ad [and] his cost for his attendyng [attending] abowt [about] such besnes [business] as my ladies [lady's] executors comaunded [commanded] hym [him] to do in London, for Cristes College.
To James Mores [Morrice] xxiij s. viij d.
Signed. Jo. roffs.

Morice, James

Letter: Geoffrey Blythe, Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield

Letter, Geoffrey Blyth[e] Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield, to Henry Hornby, enclosing will of Margaret Warton of Coventry, who bought jointly with her first husband Richard Clerk lands which she has left to the use of Christ's College, Cambridge. The messenger who brought this was probably the Prior of Coventry Charterhouse, who was rewarded in Lady Margaret's household accounts of the year 1507-1508.

Blythe, Geoffrey

Injunctions: John Fisher as Visitor

Injunctions given y Bishop John Fisher as Visitor to Christ's College 21 July 1510, witnessed by John Bere Apostolic notary. The statutes of Christ's required Visitation to take place in the second half of November, so the actual visitation may have occurred in November 1509.

Remise & Quitclaim: parish of St Giles, Cambridge

Remise and quitclaim by Richard [Fox], Bishop of Winchester, Thomas [Ruthall], Bishop of Durham, John [Fisher], Bishop of Rochester, and John Cutte, knight to Thomas Thomson, clerk and Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, of all their rights in the lands, holdings, rents, reversions and services which they had in the parish of St Egidius [St Giles], Cambridge, and which were formerly John Smyth's of London, gent[leman].
13 July 8 Hen: VIII

Grant: Thomas Thomson

Grant, Richard [Foxe], Bishop Winchester, Thomas [Ruthall], Bishop Durham, John [Fisher]. Bishop of Rochester, Sir John Cutte to Thomas Thomson Master of Christ's College, Cambridge for lands listed in SJLM/8/2/3/6 to hold of the lords by service. Also includes a power of attorney for Oliver Scales and John Kyllyngworth [Killingworth], y[e]oman, to deliver seisin.
11 July, 8 Hen: VIII
Endorsed to the effect that seisin was delivered by John Kyllyngworth in the presence of 'magister' Nicholas Metcalfe, Archdeacon of Rochester, John Wyatt, William Smythe, clerks, Gerald Croft[es], Francis Berebruar, and other laymen.

Remise & Quitclaim: parish of St Giles, Cambridge

Remise and quitclaim [undated] by the Master and Fellows of Christ's College, Cambridge, to Thomas Thomson, clerk, and rector of Wellwyn, Hertfordshire, of all their rights in lands etc in the parishes St Giles, Cambridge and of Coton which were formerly Richard [Foxe], Bishop of Winchester's, Thomas [Ruthall] Bishop of Durham's, John [Fisher], Bishop of Rochester's and John Cutte's ,knight, and which Thomas had of their gift. And the Master and Fellows will guarantee the lands against John [Islip], Abbot of Westminter and his successors.