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A.M. Photographic

  • GB-1859-SJAC-CI38
  • Corporate body
  • 1980 to at least 2000

Alexander VI, Pope

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN92
  • Person
  • 1431-1503

Born in the province of Valencia in 1431, Rodrigo Borgia (‘de Borja’) held papal office from 1492 until his death in 1503. After studying law at the university in Bologna as a young man, Rodrigo Borgia was appointed Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere at the age of twenty-five. He went on to hold a number of important administrative and episcopal positions, including Administrator of Valencia (1458-1492), Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina (1476-1492), Administrator of Cartagena (1482-1492), Administrator of Mallorca (1489-1492), and Archbishop of Valencia (1492). The term of his papacy is generally viewed as having been blotted by nepotism, corruption and sexual scandal.

Alvey, Henry

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN167
  • Person
  • 1575-1576

Henry Alvey gained his BA at St John's in 1575/6, graduated MA in 1579 and BD in 1586. He was a Fellow from 1577, and became President of the College in 1590. In 1601 he relocated to Ireland, where he became Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. He returned to Cambridge in 1609.

Anglia TV

  • GB-1859-SJCA-CI257
  • Corporate body
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