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Authority record
Corporate body

Gray's Pottery

  • GB-1859-SJCR-CI73
  • Corporate body
  • 1912-1959

A family owned firm which hand decorated patterns onto undecorated pottery, called 'white ware'. The firm employed highly-accomplished in-house designers.

John Maddock & Sons Royal Vitreous

  • GB-1859-SJCR-CI72
  • Corporate body
  • 1855-1981

Earthenware manufacturers at Newcastle St, Dale Hall, Burselm in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The firm of John Maddock was founded in the 1830's in premises in Newcastle Street, Burslem. John Maddock was in partnership with Seddon from 1839 to1842. The firm made granite ware for the American market.

Rickman and Hutchinson

  • GB-1859-SJCA-CI119
  • Corporate body
  • 1821-1831

Rickman and Hutchinson was an architects practice based in Birmingham. Thomas Rickman (1776-1841), a self-taught architect, established a practice in Liverpool in 1817. The following year, Rickman took on the eighteen year-old Henry Hutchinson (1800-1831) as a pupil. A second office in Birmingham was opened in 1820, to which Rickman and Hutchinson both transferred. In December 1821 they entered into a partnership. The firm became well-known, especially as church architects. In 1825 Rickman and Hutchinson were invited to submit designs for New Court at St John’s College, Cambridge. Their plans were selected and they supervised the construction between 1826 and 1831. The partnership came to an end in November 1831, when Henry Hutchinson died after a long period of illness. Rickman continued the practice, going into partnership with Richard Charles Hussey (1802-87) in 1835. Rickman retired in 1838, leaving the office to Hussey. He died on 4 January 1841.

Stearn & Sons

  • GB-1859-SJCA-CI65
  • Corporate body
  • 1865-1966

A family photographic firm based in Cambridge. Thomas and Eliza Louise Stearn advertised their photography studio located in 72 Bridge St., Cambridge in 1867. They had 10 children, one of their sons, Frank became a photographic assistant in his parents' studio. For more information see

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