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Alexander VI, Pope

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN92
  • Person
  • 1431-1503

Born in the province of Valencia in 1431, Rodrigo Borgia (‘de Borja’) held papal office from 1492 until his death in 1503. After studying law at the university in Bologna as a young man, Rodrigo Borgia was appointed Cardinal-Deacon of San Nicola in Carcere at the age of twenty-five. He went on to hold a number of important administrative and episcopal positions, including Administrator of Valencia (1458-1492), Cardinal-Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina (1476-1492), Administrator of Cartagena (1482-1492), Administrator of Mallorca (1489-1492), and Archbishop of Valencia (1492). The term of his papacy is generally viewed as having been blotted by nepotism, corruption and sexual scandal.

Alvey, Henry

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN167
  • Person
  • 1575-1576

Henry Alvey gained his BA at St John's in 1575/6, graduated MA in 1579 and BD in 1586. He was a Fellow from 1577, and became President of the College in 1590. In 1601 he relocated to Ireland, where he became Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. He returned to Cambridge in 1609.

Arrowsmith, John

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN173
  • Person
  • 11 April 1644 - May 1653

Arrowsmith came up to St John's College in 1616 and graduated BA in 1620. He proceeded MA in 1623, and in the same year became a fellow of St Catharine's College. In 1631 he married and resigned his fellowship.Following his marriage he went to King's Lynn as curate and then vicar of St Nicholas's Church.
During the Civil War, Arrowsmith was a leading presbyterian in both Cambridge and London. In 1644 Arrowsmith was admitted by the earl of Manchester as Master, replacing the ejected royalist William Beale.

Ashton, Hugh

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN85
  • Person
  • d.1522

Ashton was a member of Lady Margaret Beaufort’s household and served as her receiver-general from around 1502, before rising to the position of comptroller from late 1508. He began an MA at Oxford in 1507, but was quickly granted permission to transfer to Cambridge in order to study canon law. Among his various subsequent appointments, Ashton served as canon and prebendary of St. Stephen’s, Westminster from 1509; Archdeacon of Winchester, 1511-1519; Archdeacon of Cornwall from 1515; Rector of Grasmere to 1511; and Archdeacon of York from 1516.

Ashton was an early fellow of and benefactor to St. John’s College. His tomb and effigy were transferred from their chantry in the old College chapel to the new chapel in 1868 and are still visible in the north transept today.

Atcherley, James

  • GB-1859-SJAC-PN56
  • Person
  • 1730-1804

Adm. sizar to Magdalene College, Cambridge, March 1748/9. B.A. 1753, M.A. 1763. Third Master of Shrewsbury School, 1755; Second Master, 1763. Subsequently Headmaster, 1770-1798. Rector of Lydbury North, 1798-1804.

Atlay, James

  • GB-1859-SJCA-PN1
  • Person
  • 1817-1894

Son of Reverend Henry Atlay, James Atlay was educated at Grantham and Oakham schools and matriculated as an undergraduate at St John’s College, Cambridge, on 30th June 1836. He gained a BA in 1840 (9th Classic), and was elected to the Fellowship in 1842. He was ordained deacon the same year, priest the following year, and Bachelor of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity in 1850 and 1859 respectively. From 1843 to 1846 he held the curacy of Warsop in Nottinghamshire, and from 1847-1852 the vicarage of Madingley in Cambridgeshire. He was Whitehall Preacher 1856-58, Lady Margaret Preacher 1859 and 1887, and Select Preacher before the University of Cambridge in 1858, 1862, 1870, 1873, and 1890.

From 1846 to 1859 he was a tutor at St John’s College after which he was elected as successor to Walter Farquhar Hook as vicar in Leeds. He was well respected in the city, and was appointed canon residentiary at Ripon in 1861. Having refused the bishopric of Calcutta in 1867, the following year he succeeded Renn Dickson Hampden as Bishop of Hereford where he remained until his death on 24th December 1894. He is buried in ‘the layde arbour’ in Hereford Cathedral, where his tomb is adorned with a marble effigy.

Atlay married Frances Turner in 1859, resulting in several children.

Obituary in The Eagle: Vol 18, Lent Term 1895, p. 495
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